Custom Upholstered Stools for the Breakfast Nook

I am so excited to show you my chinoiserie chic breakfast nook updates! While I’m happy with the light and bright transformation our breakfast nook (and whole house, for that matter) received shortly after purchasing our dated home, it’s remained mostly the same for the last four years. I switch out the pillows, wall decor and centerpiece for each season, but this time with the help of Ballard Designs, our breakfast nook is finally getting a makeover!

Beautiful Machine Washable Rugs!? Yep!

A common topic that I get questions or comments about is regarding my light and bright decor AND my giant fur baby, Summer. “How do you keep everything clean looking with a dog!?” Well, I’m pretty stoked to share that I’ve added one more trick to my bag, thanks to Ruggable and their amazing waterproof, stain-resistant and machine-washable rugs. Yes, you read that right. If this sounds like an answer to your prayers, I’m right there with you!

Blue & White Poolside Retreat

It’s definitely pool season in Florida and I’m sure the rest of northern hemisphere will be enjoying pool weather very soon if they aren’t already! Speaking of time by the pool, I just received the most perfect little additions to help create our blue and white poolside retreat from Serena & Lily!

Tips for Decorating in Modern Coastal Cottage Style

One of the things I get asked the most is for advice on decorating with coastal decor. My first question is usually, “What kind of coastal decor do you want?”. Coastal decor is my favorite, but one of the fun things about it is how many different variations there are. Today I’m sharing my take on coastal cottage decor that doesn’t feel like your Granny’s house. No offense to Granny. :) We’ll call it “Modern Coastal Cottage”.

Adding Spring Color to the Living Room and Foyer

The change of seasons always call for a change of decor, but I think I’ve felt a little hesitant to make any changes to my living room because I was just really content with the neutral look I had going on. Also, our weather this past month has had a lot of ups and downs, so i think that played with my mood. But, I finally took a Saturday afternoon to switch out pillow covers, throws, side tables. decor and, of course, greenery! Come on in and check it out.

How We Turned Our Boring Backyard Into Our Own Little Slice of Paradise

I realized at the very last minute that my husband and I were approaching FOUR years since the day we moved into our home! Since today is our four year “home ownerversary” I decided this would be a great opportunity to share with you how much our home has changed. It’s always fun to take a little walk down memory lane, isn’t it? I also want to highlight how so many of the changes we’ve made to our home are incredibly simple, not that costly, and mostly just involve new styling, but I’ll do that in some upcoming posts! Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter so you don’t miss them! ;)

Espadrille Round Up

I am SO ready for spring and I bet you are too! Granted, spring comes a lot earlier in Florida than for most of the country, but it’s all relative. ;) Today, I’m switching gears to fashion with the cutest espadrille round up that will definitely give you spring fever! I’ve been trying to be “good” and get my closet to a place that would make Marie Kondo proud (also see the link below) before I began shopping for anything, but I am really in need of some cute and comfortable shoes that are work appropriate!

How I Chose My Calming Coastal Gray Wall Color

I get lots of questions about my interior wall color, so I’m going to explain how I chose it and offer a bit of insight after having lived with it for over 3 years now! I chose to use the same paint color throughout the entire house because when we moved in the plethora of wall colors made it seem like the walls were closing in on us and the semi-open floor plan really called for some consistency in color. My vision for our house was for it to feel open, airy and for goodness sake to have all of the rooms flow together!

Storage Solutions for the Throw Pillow Obsessed

It’s the time of year when cleaning, organizing and purging just feels like the natural thing to do! I’ve made my way from room to room, space to space, slowly getting rid of unused items and organizing what is left. Today, I’m focusing on how I manage my excess throw pillows and covers, because most of us home decor enthusiasts just can’t get enough of them.

Styling My Coastal Living Room for Winter

New year, new layout! I got the urge to rearrange my living room furniture this weekend after I had packed away all the Christmas decor. Okay, maybe not all the Christmas decor, since I do still have a few naked Christmas trees lingering around that are waiting to be put up into the attic. Nevertheless, I am feeling much more refreshed with the transition to a very neutral style in my living room for the winter months. Spring comes pretty early around here, so I would consider January and most of February to be “winter”. ;)

Cozy Christmas Nights by the Fireplace

This is something that doesn’t happen every day in Florida, even during the winter months! With lows in the 30’s, I thought I’d go ahead and document the rare opportunity we had to get cozy by the fireplace! Since Miss Summer didn’t quite get all of the spotlight she deserved in my recent posts, it is only fair that she takes center stage in this one. I hope you enjoy her expressions as much as I did! :D

A Charming Southern Christmas Home Tour {Part 1}

This year will be my fifth Christmas spent living in Florida and my oh my how my style has changed! Granted, the first year we lived in a rental home by the beach and I used my fairly ugly and cheap Christmas tree along with any and all colored ornaments I already owned. And it was still a lovely Christmas. The last few years my husband and I have been in our first home together and with each season I am able to collect a little more Christmas decor. This year I have 4 Christmas trees, several wreaths, a gazillion ornaments and gorgeous new outdoor decorations! My point is that no matter what stage you are in, your Christmas can still be lovely and magical.

Southern Glam Christmas Decor

That charm of the South has drawn me in and I’m fully embracing it in my Christmas decor this year with the help of The Jolly Christmas Shop! Being just an hour from the Georgia border in northeast Florida, we still feel very much a part of the South. The Jolly Christmas Shop is located in Loganville, Georgia, so if you’re lucky enough to be in the area, definitely go stop by and check them out! They have a total Christmas wonderland set up in their shop!

How to Decorate Your Porch for Christmas in a Warm Climate

I am beyond thrilled to be teaming up with Balsam Hill to bring you my fresh & festive front porch with Floridian flare (say that ten times fast) this holiday season! Although they’re known for their gorgeous, lifelike Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, etc., I was still pleasantly surprised to find an absolutely perfect array of outdoor decor for our northeast Florida home! I know I’m not the only Floridian, Southerner or other warm climate dweller who has struggled with what in the world to put on the front porch during Christmastime! I mean, we’ve got palm trees and green grass and somehow those standard faux pine garlands just were NOT cutting it! Prior to this year, my front porch decor was pretty comical. Or sad, depending on my mood. ;) But now, I’m proud to show it off with the help of Balsam Hill’s gorgeous outdoor collection!