All in Fall

Footwear for Warm Fall Weather

Even most of us who love all things summer and beachy tend to get excited for wearing boots in the fall! But, if you live in a warm climate, socks and boots are not very comfortable or practical when it’s still 90 degrees. So, here are some great options for dressing your feet for fall if it’s still hot where you live!

How I’m Getting Cozy This Season for Under $150

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been blogging about all of my fun finds at my local andThat! store as part of a fun shopping challenge! This is my 4th challenge to make all of the things cozy this fall for just under $150! My favorite thing about andThat! is that it won’t break the bank. You can walk out of that store with a cart full of goodies and feel great about the value you’re getting!

This might be my favorite challenge yet, because “coziness” comes in all shapes and forms, doesn’t it? Perhaps “cozy” is also in the eye of the beholder, so I’ll just show you what cozy looks like to me! ;)

A Pumpkin Spice Coffee Station

Queue the drum roll! It's officially Pumpkin Spice Season!! I was a closet pumpkin supporter. Little pumpkins have been popping up in my decor here and there but I was too afraid to post them for fear of the angry internet mobs railing against the inevitable disappearance of summer. But when Starbucks says it's okay, then it must be okay, right? I'm totally rolling my eyes at that sentiment because (don't shun me) I'm not a huge fan of Starbucks. So, I created my own cute and delicious little coffee station with the help of andThat! ;) 

Coastal Chic Fall Home Tour {Blog Hop}

Never had I dreamed of welcoming fall with such open arms! But here I am, a Florida resident, loving the heck out of my sweet, Southern fall! I believe the key to this phenomenon lies within the "Florida resident" part of that sentence. You see, I am from Michigan, where it could require a snowsuit to go trick-or-treating, and where October seems to have the last of the sunshine you'll see until April. There are certainly plenty of folks up north that love fall, I have just never been one of them! So back to the "Florida resident" part again...