Add New Life to Your Home With This New Year's Resolution!

Today I'm sharing with you the one, rather simple, thing I did last year that completely changed how I decorate! It all started with a New Year's resolution...

Last year I took down all of my Christmas decor on New Year's Day, which is pretty typical for me. I had been thinking more and more about how my home needed some life. Finally, I vowed to start using real greenery in my home decor! 

Something I know many of us struggle with is the urge to go out and buy something new when we tire of what we have in our homes, or when we want to create a new vibe for our spaces. Going out and getting some greenery is free and also kind of therapeutic. It's been referred to as my "Florest"...get it? The branches and even some fronds come right out of the forest around our house so I never have to pay a florist. :)

NYE Bar Cart Blog Hop

Confession: I've never actually decorated for NYE before. There are only 6 days between Christmas and New Year's Eve, which is not much time to prepare if you're planning to host a party or even if you just want to get a little festive before you head out to watch the ball drop! So, this year when I decided to style up my bar cart, I went looking for some cute NYE decor and was shocked to find that none of the stores I checked had any! 

Classy Christmas Home Tour {Part Two}

With such a busy start to the holiday season, I thought it made more sense to break up my Christmas Home Tour into two parts! Previously, I showed you my Foyer, Dining Room and Living Room when I joined a group of talented bloggers for our Cheerful Christmas Home Tour! If you haven't seen in yet, you can check it out here! Today, I'll be showing you around a few more rooms, so come on in for Part Two! 

Creating a Glam Coastal Christmas with Bealls Florida

One thing I absolutely love about the holiday season is changing up the entire ambiance of my home. If you've followed along on Instagram this year, you know I love my tropical, beachy vibes with fresh palms everywhere I can put them. And why not? After all, I live in Florida! But for Christmas, I'm all about abandoning the blue accents you'll find in the summer months and replacing them with all things bling! Silver and gold are my go-to accents and I love things that sparkle with the glow of the Christmas lights and candles!

How to Make Fresh Pine Swags

This is the first time I've ever channeled my inner "Martha Stewart" for Christmas, but in keeping with my 2017 New Year's resolution, I decided to add fresh greenery for Christmas too! Instead of palms or magnolias, I stepped out to the front yard and gave our twirly pine trees a little trim! I didn't hack off any large branches - I just snipped off the ends in about 5-8 inch lengths and stuffed them all in a bag to bring inside. 

Classy Christmas Home Tour

Christmas has quickly become my favorite holiday to decorate for. which is why I'm super excited to be hosting this Cheerful Christmas Home Tour along side of some very talented bloggers, who will also be sharing their homes with you! There's something about sparkling lights casting a warm glow on everything that makes the house feel cozy and more inviting than ever! I can't wait to show you around! 

Fall Bar Cart Styling - Warm Southern Harvest

Aren't we all glad to live in a world where there are Octobers? ;) This quote finally resonates with me, as the days are still warm and the beach is still calling my name.  I want to reflect that light and warmth of October in Northeast Florida throughout my home, including my newly DIY'd bar cart! You can see how I completely transformed the look of it here

Bar Cart Makeover

Bar cart, bar cart, everyone wants a bar cart! Including me! I've looked for over a year at all kinds of fabulous carts - brass, glass, bamboo, wooden, metal, two-tiered, round, square, you name it! Through all those choices, I had my heart set on a vintage bamboo cart. But have you seen those price tags!? Even the informed sellers of Craigslist knew they had a rare gem that could easily be refurbished, and the price tag was proof of that knowledge.