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Cheers to a New Chapter!

I have some exciting, yet bittersweet, news to share with you all today! My husband and I have been talking about where our next home might be for the past couple of years because we knew our current (and first) home would not be our forever home. As much as we love certain things about our current home, our desire to have our boat in our backyard instead of in a slip down the road kept growing. So, after just a couple months of looking, we found a house that we are excited to soon call home!

Why I Chose to Have a "First Look" on Our Wedding Day

Having a "first look", where the bride and groom privately see each other before their actual wedding ceremony, and often photograph this special moment, seems to be a trend that has grown over the past few years. I debated whether or not I wanted a first look with my soon to be husband before we actually saw each other at the alter on our wedding day, but ultimately decided to do it because of the reasons I’ll outline below.

The Cutest One-Piece Swimsuits for Summer

Since the summer season is technically arriving this week, I just had to share some of my favorite swimsuit finds with you! I've linked a ton of cute one-piece swimsuits up at the end of this post.

This "FIRECRACKER" one-piece was just too cute to pass up. It actually made me think of the Fourth of July and is a fun way to be festive without necessarily donning all red, white and blue.

Summer Beauty Essentials to Survive the Sun and Humidity

Living in the Sunshine State with a "sunshine state of mind", I know how important (and sometimes difficult) it is to enjoy the outdoors without looking like a fried, drenched rat after an hour of intense sun and humidity. Today, I'm sharing my favorite products that help me deal with Florida summers! P.S. I used most of these when I lived in Michigan, too. Another state with humid summers! ;)

Cinco de Mayo Outfits & Accessories

If you're like me, you can get on board with almost any reason to celebrate (and for this instance, Mexico's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla over 150 years ago, aka Cinco de Mayo) - especially if it involves tassels, tequila and terrific weather! ;) Take a look at these fun outfits and accessories that would be perfect for any Cinco de Mayo celebration!

The Pink Palace Proposal

Since we just passed the third anniversary of our engagement, and it IS the month of love, I thought I'd share one of the most special and romantic memories I have. So, told through my eyes and through our photos, here's the story of our "Pink Palace" proposal.