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Adding Spring Color to the Living Room and Foyer

The change of seasons always call for a change of decor, but I think I’ve felt a little hesitant to make any changes to my living room because I was just really content with the neutral look I had going on. Also, our weather this past month has had a lot of ups and downs, so i think that played with my mood. But, I finally took a Saturday afternoon to switch out pillow covers, throws, side tables. decor and, of course, greenery! Come on in and check it out.

A Charming Southern Christmas Home Tour {Part 1}

This year will be my fifth Christmas spent living in Florida and my oh my how my style has changed! Granted, the first year we lived in a rental home by the beach and I used my fairly ugly and cheap Christmas tree along with any and all colored ornaments I already owned. And it was still a lovely Christmas. The last few years my husband and I have been in our first home together and with each season I am able to collect a little more Christmas decor. This year I have 4 Christmas trees, several wreaths, a gazillion ornaments and gorgeous new outdoor decorations! My point is that no matter what stage you are in, your Christmas can still be lovely and magical.

Loveliest Looks of Summer Tour {Fresh & Breezy Summer Style}

When you think of summertime, what comes to mind? For me, summer is a time to kick back and relax, visit with family and friends and take part in some good, old-fashioned R&R! We are about to head off to one of our favorite beach bars for dinner and drinks, but first, let me give you a little tour! Oh, and I hope you have a refreshing beverage for the tour...some crisp Riesling is doing the trick for me. ;)

Classy Christmas Home Tour {Part Two}

With such a busy start to the holiday season, I thought it made more sense to break up my Christmas Home Tour into two parts! Previously, I showed you my Foyer, Dining Room and Living Room when I joined a group of talented bloggers for our Cheerful Christmas Home Tour! If you haven't seen in yet, you can check it out here! Today, I'll be showing you around a few more rooms, so come on in for Part Two! 

Classy Christmas Home Tour

Christmas has quickly become my favorite holiday to decorate for. which is why I'm super excited to be hosting this Cheerful Christmas Home Tour along side of some very talented bloggers, who will also be sharing their homes with you! There's something about sparkling lights casting a warm glow on everything that makes the house feel cozy and more inviting than ever! I can't wait to show you around! 

Coastal Chic Fall Home Tour {Blog Hop}

Never had I dreamed of welcoming fall with such open arms! But here I am, a Florida resident, loving the heck out of my sweet, Southern fall! I believe the key to this phenomenon lies within the "Florida resident" part of that sentence. You see, I am from Michigan, where it could require a snowsuit to go trick-or-treating, and where October seems to have the last of the sunshine you'll see until April. There are certainly plenty of folks up north that love fall, I have just never been one of them! So back to the "Florida resident" part again...