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Fall Bar Cart Styling - Warm Southern Harvest

Aren't we all glad to live in a world where there are Octobers? ;) This quote finally resonates with me, as the days are still warm and the beach is still calling my name.  I want to reflect that light and warmth of October in Northeast Florida throughout my home, including my newly DIY'd bar cart! You can see how I completely transformed the look of it here

Completely Transform a Cane Bar Cart

Bar cart, bar cart, everyone wants a bar cart! Including me! I've looked for over a year at all kinds of fabulous carts - brass, glass, bamboo, wooden, metal, two-tiered, round, square, you name it! Through all those choices, I had my heart set on a vintage bamboo cart. But have you seen those price tags!? Even the informed sellers of Craigslist knew they had a rare gem that could easily be refurbished, and the price tag was proof of that knowledge. 

Coastal Chic Fall Home Tour {Blog Hop}

Never had I dreamed of welcoming fall with such open arms! But here I am, a Florida resident, loving the heck out of my sweet, Southern fall! I believe the key to this phenomenon lies within the "Florida resident" part of that sentence. You see, I am from Michigan, where it could require a snowsuit to go trick-or-treating, and where October seems to have the last of the sunshine you'll see until April. There are certainly plenty of folks up north that love fall, I have just never been one of them! So back to the "Florida resident" part again...

Easy Bathroom Cabinet Transformation

While I didn't want to do a full bathroom remodel, I did want to get rid of the brown wood cabinet stain that seemed to darken our guest bathroom. Since I was feeling lazy, er, efficient, I decided to try out chalk paint on the cabinets in hopes of skipping the whole sanding step that wasn't very appealing to me. I'm happy to report that it worked and I haven't seen a single scratch or chip in the year since it's been painted!

Furnishing Our Foyer on a Budget

If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably already privy to my need for always getting the best deal ever. So, you may notice this is a recurring theme with each of my blog posts, as well. Since I really enjoy online window shopping (is that a thing?), I'm already aware of what certain items are priced at, from high end stores to bargain shops. Knowing what a "good deal" actually is, is key to getting one. Secondly, patience is most definitely a virtue, especially when it comes to decorating on a budget. I should also mention that this "budget" I keep referencing is usually all in my head. 

Tropical Dining Room Refresh

Our dining room has come a long way from the dark and bland cave that it was when we moved in! (Want to see a great "before and after"? Click here.) As far as I'm concerned, it's not a finished project, but an evolving work in progress that morphs with the seasons - or a rainy Saturday when I get the itch to switch things up. 

$20 Craigslist Mirror Makeover

I pinned it, I stalked it, I envisioned it. Now, I just had to find it!! An over-sized, round mirror, that is, to go above the console table in our foyer. For months I sifted through online sales, perusing every round mirror that ever existed. The moment I thought I had found "the one", I would read the details only to discover that the mirror was puny.