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How I Chose My Calming Coastal Gray Wall Color

I get lots of questions about my interior wall color, so I’m going to explain how I chose it and offer a bit of insight after having lived with it for over 3 years now! I chose to use the same paint color throughout the entire house because when we moved in the plethora of wall colors made it seem like the walls were closing in on us and the semi-open floor plan really called for some consistency in color. My vision for our house was for it to feel open, airy and for goodness sake to have all of the rooms flow together!

How to Easily Frame a Builder-Grade Mirror

You know those plain, builder-grade mirrors that come with a lot of homes, right? Our home had a few of those not-so-pretty things when we bought it and I couldn't seem to find a great option to replace them. When Frame My Mirror asked me to try one of their products, I was really excited because I knew they would have the perfect solution for our guest bathroom, which I began to update last year. 

The Easiest Way to Hang a Gallery Wall

Our living room walls remained empty for over two years after we moved into our home. Indecisive much? Maybe. But also the "living room", which is actually just a secondary sitting space for us, was not a top priority. Eventually, I decided a large gallery wall would be the best option to fill the extra tall space and become an interesting focal point. 

Easy DIY Beachy Boho Driftwood Wall Hanging

Recently, I have had the honor of guest-blogging for Kim of Sand & Sisal! If you’re popping over from her blog, you may have seen this post. If so, thank you so much for visiting! You can click here to peruse the rest of my blog posts. Also, I hope you’ll subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates on new posts in the future!

For those of you unfamiliar with Kim, she is one of the first coastal decor bloggers I found via Pinterest years ago. She’s inspired me with many a beachy craft, so I thought it would be perfect to share one of my own! I hope you’ll find some inspiration here, too!


How to Make Fresh Pine Swags

This is the first time I've ever channeled my inner "Martha Stewart" for Christmas, but in keeping with my 2017 New Year's resolution, I decided to add fresh greenery for Christmas too! Instead of palms or magnolias, I stepped out to the front yard and gave our twirly pine trees a little trim! I didn't hack off any large branches - I just snipped off the ends in about 5-8 inch lengths and stuffed them all in a bag to bring inside. 

Fall Bar Cart Styling - Warm Southern Harvest

Aren't we all glad to live in a world where there are Octobers? ;) This quote finally resonates with me, as the days are still warm and the beach is still calling my name.  I want to reflect that light and warmth of October in Northeast Florida throughout my home, including my newly DIY'd bar cart! You can see how I completely transformed the look of it here

Completely Transform a Cane Bar Cart

Bar cart, bar cart, everyone wants a bar cart! Including me! I've looked for over a year at all kinds of fabulous carts - brass, glass, bamboo, wooden, metal, two-tiered, round, square, you name it! Through all those choices, I had my heart set on a vintage bamboo cart. But have you seen those price tags!? Even the informed sellers of Craigslist knew they had a rare gem that could easily be refurbished, and the price tag was proof of that knowledge. 

Easy Bathroom Cabinet Transformation

While I didn't want to do a full bathroom remodel, I did want to get rid of the brown wood cabinet stain that seemed to darken our guest bathroom. Since I was feeling lazy, er, efficient, I decided to try out chalk paint on the cabinets in hopes of skipping the whole sanding step that wasn't very appealing to me. I'm happy to report that it worked and I haven't seen a single scratch or chip in the year since it's been painted!

$20 Craigslist Mirror Makeover

I pinned it, I stalked it, I envisioned it. Now, I just had to find it!! An over-sized, round mirror, that is, to go above the console table in our foyer. For months I sifted through online sales, perusing every round mirror that ever existed. The moment I thought I had found "the one", I would read the details only to discover that the mirror was puny.