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Beautiful Machine Washable Rugs!? Yep!

A common topic that I get questions or comments about is regarding my light and bright decor AND my giant fur baby, Summer. “How do you keep everything clean looking with a dog!?” Well, I’m pretty stoked to share that I’ve added one more trick to my bag, thanks to Ruggable and their amazing waterproof, stain-resistant and machine-washable rugs. Yes, you read that right. If this sounds like an answer to your prayers, I’m right there with you!

Spa Day With Summer & Fresh Local Deliveries

Pets are family! (And all the pet-owners said, "Amen!") Amiright? If you've followed my blog or Instagram for any length of time, you probably already know how we feel about our sweet Summer girl who just turned 6 in June. She's a Great Dane and English Mastiff mix weighting about 160 pounds at her leanest weight. What a joy it is to come home to that darling face and happy wagging tail. Our fur-babies grace us with their presence here on earth for far too short of a time and it's important to make that time count. 

The Best Rugs for Big Dogs (and little ones, too!)

If there's one thing I've learned the hard way, it's that all dogs don't go with all decor! I hate to put a damper on things, but wishful thinking just won't make your fluffy white rug last if you've got claws tearing into it daily. Trust me, I've been there. But do not be dismayed! I'm here to share the solution to this problem from my own trial and error over the years.